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Attraction Marketing

Why should attraction marketing matter to your business? If you are seeking more clients and customers, what message are you putting out and who is it directed to? If you want to attract deer, you don’t put cheese out in your back yard; you put a salt lick. Deer aren’t attracted to cheese and never will be. Even if you think they might be attracted to cheese, and you pick a special kind just for them, all you will really attract is mice and rats. Not what you expected?

Think of a woman in a store looking at rows of nail polish, now she might be attracted to several colors, but usually she knows exactly what she wants. Is it there for her? Take the hunter who goes to the store to look for hunting gear, there are many choices, but usually he knows exactly what he wants also. Is it there? It is Saturday evening and you are thinking of going out to eat, you know exactly what you are hungry for and what price range you will pay. What are your options to fulfill that desire? Why would you pick this restaurant over that restaurant? Service? Quality? Price? Convenience?

How are you attracting the desired clients you are seeking? Are you sending the message that will attract them to your business or service? Is your message reaching your target market, or is it attracting those who would never want what you have for them long term? There are many discount messages sent every day, but usually the people who respond want a discount every time never to return when they can’t get it. This robs your business of needed revenue that you would have if your message was attracting the right target market. You want to attract the clients that love you and come back again and again, happy to pay for your services or products. So happy attraction marketing, your clients will love you for it.

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